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Petaling Jaya, 20th Aug: PETSTACY, a new pet's e-commerce platform is launched on the 20th of August 2018 on Level G, The School @ JayaONE. PETSTACY offers an exciting online shopping experience for pet owners. We offer a variety range of pet products from food, accessories and beddings to all furry kids for now with more interesting products to be introduced soon. Besides online shopping, our customers may contribute to the animal welfare via Animal Food Bank (AFB) with PETSTACY. Customers may purchase pet food products from PETSTACY at special discounted price and will be donated via AFB program. AFB ambassadors who attended are Ke Qing (Singer, Actress, TV Host), Pak Khalid (Kelab Kucing Malaysia President), Andrew & Xiao You (AIS KACANG Podcast: Meow Dog On Air Hosts) and Kelly Sashimi (International Balloon Artist).

  1. Genuine Product Guaranteed
  2. Convenience. Delivery to your Doorsteps
  3. Delivery to Peninsular Malaysia
  4. Feels Good. Spread the Love for Animals in Need
Special thanks to PHARMVET for their kind donation of ISKHAN pet food to ANIMAL FOOD BANK in conjunction with the Pet Food Donation drive organized by PETSTACY. Together with us are 6 newly established animal welfare organizations namely, SPCA KLANG, SPCA SHAH ALAM, SPCA SUBANG JAYA, SPCA PETALING JAYA, SPCA SELAYANG and SPCA KUALA LANGAT as recipients of this donation. We are honored to have invited Yang Berhormat (YB) ADUN Sentosa, Gunaraj George to witness this presentation ceremony.

PETSTACY is offering up to 1,000,000 PetstaPoints for grabs for the first 1,000 customer sign ups (1,000 PetstaPoints each).

The event is hosted by the renowned 988 DJ, PM Wang.

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八打灵再也,8月20日讯:一个全新的宠物电子商务平台,PETSTACY于The School @ Jaya One欣然宣布正式发布。
PETSTACY为宠物主人提供简捷愉悦的网上购物体验,其中多样化的商品选择涵括了适合毛小孩的食品、配件和 用品,以及更多有趣的产品将于近期内推出。除了进行网购,消费者亦可经由PETSTACY为Animal Food Bank (AFB) 做出贡献。消费者 可以用特价 从PETSTACY购买宠物 飼料 ,从而捐赠于AFB计划。出席开幕礼的AFB爱心大使包括可晴(歌手,演员,电视节目主持人),Pak Khalid(Kelab Kucing Malaysia总裁),洋葱头&小游(Ais Kacang播客:猫狗On Air节目主持人)和Kelly Sashimi(国际气球艺术家)。

  1. 值得信赖的产品保证、 绝对正品。
  2. 便捷、宅配到府上。
  3. 运送服务 至 全 马来西亚半岛。
  4. 美好体验、为弱势动物尽一份爱心。

特别感谢PHARMVET 携 ANIMAL FOOD BANK捐赠ISKHAN宠物 飼料 给予ANIMAL FOOD BANK,以及PETSTACY所发起的宠物 粮食 捐赠运动。同时与我们同襄盛举的有6家新成立的动物福利机构,即SPCA KLANG,SPCA SHAH ALAM,SPCA SUBANG JAYA,SPCA PETALING JAYA,SPCA SELAYANG和SPCA KUALA LANGAT作为此捐赠的受益者。我们很荣幸邀请Yang Berhormat(YB)ADUN Sentosa, Gunarajah George见证此 捐赠仪式。


此活动由著名电台主持人988 DJ:PM 彪民担任发表会司仪。