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We all agree that smiles make the world a more beautiful place. And for over 30 years, we’ve made it our mission to help people like you feel great about their smile.

Our secret is Oxygene®. From the beginning, people loved what they saw from this brilliant ingredient. Fresh breath was more than just possible, it was easy! People noticed that their breath was fresher and their smiles healthier and brighter. In other words, they could smile and breath with confidence. And it felt great.

Then, our loyal customers asked that we use our nerdiness (err…scientific expertise) to make these same amazing products for their pets. Seeing how we love our own furry kids so much, we thought it was a purrrfect idea. And the pet product line was born! Pets across the country have been enjoying cleaner mouths, healthier joints, and better smelling coats. (Their owners are big fans too.)