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Barkery Oven, conceived in year 2008 and in full operation by year 2011, was borne out of a need to provide our own dogs with healthy and delicious treats, which was found lacking in the market.

Inspired by gourmet pet bakeries across the USA and Australia, we decided to start our own bakery so other pets can enjoy the same healthy treats too.

Who and What We Are
We are the only pet bakery in Malaysia that focuses on creating treats targeted at sensitive skin pets by specialising in baking gluten free and grain free treats.

In the past decade, a lack of regulation in pet food manufacturing has resulted in many pets with skin problems, allergy issues, organ failures and so on. These problems can very easily be linked to poor nutrition in pets.

Throughout our research on pet food and pet treats, we have become more and more passionate about pet nutrition. So now, it is our long term goal to create awareness amongst pet owners about the importance of a good and wholesome diet for pets.

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