Roast Grubs (Small Mammals)

Roast Grubs (Small Mammals)

Complete your pet’s nutritional needs with nature’s superfood.

Our oven roasted Black Soldier Fly larvae contains a complete blend of protein, vital oils, and minerals that are vital in promoting well-rounded growth in your animal.

Roast Grub’s nutritional profile is superior to other conventional insect feeders and pellets – with essential fats and amino acids that enhance growth, health and appetite of your pet.

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Product Details

Nutritional Values

Crude Protein (%) 55
Fat (%) 15
Carbohydrates + Fiber (%) 17
Energy (Cal/100g) 400
Sodium (ppm) 1245
Calcium (ppm) 15000
Magnesium (ppm) 4171
Phosphorus (ppm) 8812
Potassium (ppm) 14508
Iron (ppm) 277
Zinc (ppm) 143
Copper (ppm) 15
Selenium (ppm) 1
Manganese (ppm) 349
Molybdenum (ppm) 1
Omega 3 (%) 1.4
Omega 6 (%) 0.2
Product Directions
Can be used as an occasional treat or mixed into your pet’s regular diet.
100% dried HermetiaIllucens larvae.
No preservative/additive/colouring
Storage instructions
Store in a cool, dry place.
Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.
Use by
6 months after opening.

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