Newflands Hoki Oil 200ml

Newflands Hoki Oil 200ml

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Unique fish oil high in Omegas that is from sustainably fished stock around the pristine waters of New Zealand.
A lovely golden liquid which is easily digested when pumped over your pets’ food.

Hoki oil
Species Macruronus Novaezelandiae
EPA 62mg/ml
DHA 105 mg/ml

·         Easy to use with pump
·         Controlled dosages
·         Very highly palatable
·         Healthy glossy coat
·         Joint Support
·         Cardiac Care
·         Cognitive function

How to Use
1pump = 2ml
1-25 kg 1-2pumps 25 + kgs 3-4 pumps
This product can be increased with no side effects but may increase the speed of results.

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